Thursday, 2 May 2013


"Blue Sky Red Earth Gallery" and "Paint a Masterpiece Blog and Classes" AKA me, the Artist SEA DEAN, have a busy month in May.
In my Daily Paintworks Gallery, I am holding a 
The exhibition consists of paintings which have received the top amount of visits on my website this year. Red dots are SOLD, but the painting may be available as a print, or a larger original in the same series. Any painting without a red dot is currently available for purchase.

This month I will be working on variations of my most popular works: They will be larger or smaller, DUOs, TRIOs or a similar theme. 

ORIGINAL ART OSWOA 4" x 6" Postcard
To view my Gallery please visit Daily Paintworks.  

This painting is SOLD but I'm happy to take a commission for a similar work. Contact me to inquire about prints and Art cards.

"Beautiful Eyes" took me the best part of two days to complete, so I am unable to sell her for less than half my gallery price. If you love her, she is well worth the investment. I also envision her as a wall size painting about 3 feet by 5 feet. Is anyone is brave enough to commission me to paint that for you?

2.5" x 3.5"  
Geisha Eyes, one of my most popular works is sold, but "Beautiful Eyes" below, is an OSWOA collectible postcard in the same series. I wonder if you can tell whose lovely eyes they are. Leave a comment below if you think you have the answer.


ORIGINAL ART ACEO  2.5" x 3.5"
This painting sold but I would love to create a sister painting in a much larger size, 10" x 8" or 20" x 16" would suit. My patrons often like my miniatures but prefer to purchase something larger, so they commission a painting in the same series to their specifications. This month I have a few such commissions to complete. If this intrigues you, please contact me.

During May I am also participating in Leslie Saeta's Marketing Challenge with 350 other Artists. To stay motivated I have set up an exclusive inspiration group GO ART on Facebook - numbers very limited, first come first served. To be in my group please let me know in a comment below or on my FB group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE and I will contact you. The group will meet on a drop in basis, one day a month to support and inspire each other. The group will always be open to drop by and ask for honest feedback, assistance etc.

In order to be part of my private group 
1. You must agree to complete THIRTY 30 minute tasks during Leslie Saeta's May Challenge
2. You must be highly committed to marketing your work
3. You are willing to be active and supportive to other members of the club. 


Cat # 13108 Beautiful Eyes OSWOA