Sunday, 26 May 2013


I really enjoyed painting RIVER FLOWERS and WATER  FLOWERS last week, so I decided to create a painting in the same series on Strathmore Windpower. While I was painting this I felt a real connection to Claude Monet. Recently I saw many of his later works and I was amazed at the seeming speed he painted and the strange colour mixtures in his reflection paintings. However, as I was painting this from one of my photographs I found a multitude of unusual colours in the reflections and I realized that he was probably trying to accurately convey what he saw.

I wish I had done progress photos of this painting because there was a stage I really liked after the third layer of paint which was purely linear. The initial intention was to take what I had learned in the two earlier paintings and create an abstract version. I wasn´t brave enough this time, but I think an abstract would make an amazing large wall painting, so I will probably give it another go. Anyway, for now here is RIVER REFLECTIONS.

You will notice that this painting has a few bronze highlights which glint when the light shine on them.

6" x 8" 
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Cat # 13127 River Reflections