Saturday, 8 June 2013


A strange name for a butterfly, but apparently it is named after the marking on the underside of its wings. 

Here I was again working on the challenge of making the butterfly show movement. I feel I achieved, but as I just had it pointed out to me, you have to trust me on that. My camera just doesn´t capture the full colour in my work and certainly not the iridescence in this painting which here appears like a fog, but in real life is a brilliant purple petrol like effect. 

If you purchase this painting you will not be disappointed.


2.5" x 3.5"

On Auction
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2.5" x 3.5"

DPW Price $15 Regular $25

Feedback is so important that I´m posting an unsold painting on this blog and in the Daily Paintworks `CRITIQUE ME` Challenge each day this month. Anyone can leave feedback by going to the challenge and clicking on the painting you would like to comment on. Don´t be shy, whether you´re a fellow Artist or an Art Lover, we would love to have your opinion.

PITTER PATTER is the latest candidate for feedback. This painting had a massive amount of hits when it was first posted. Again this is a snow scene and it´s the wrong time of year, but I originally posted it in the winter. I also know abstracts are not a top choice, but I enjoyed creating this design and I think it´s cute. I was shocked when it appeared so popular but it has not sold. Sometimes a painting doesn´t sell because of lack of exposure or bad timing, but I´m open to hearing if there is anything else which needs attention. I´m tough, so please help me grow as an Artist by leaving a comment either below or at the DPW Challenge here.

If you would like feedback for your own work, post it here on DPW, it´s free to do so.

Cat 13139 Comma Butterfly  -  Cat 130014 Pitter Patter