Monday, 3 June 2013



2.5" x 3.5"

DPW Price $15 Regular $25

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Sweetness is my latest candidate for feedback. This is a painting from a photo by fellow Artist Evhe. It got an extraordinarily high hit rate when I first posted it and is still one of my most popular paintings to date, but it hasn´t sold yet.

Feedback is so important that I´m posting an unsold painting on this blog and in the Daily Paintworks `CRITIQUE ME` Challenge each day this month. Sometimes a painting doesn´t sell because of lack of exposure or bad timing, but I´m open to hearing if there is anything else which begs attention. I´m tough, so please help me grow as an Artist by leaving a comment either below or at the challenge on DPW here.

Anyone can leave feedback in the DPW Challenge by clicking on the painting you would like to comment on. Don´t be shy, whether you´re a fellow Artist or an Art Lover, we would love to have your opinion.

If you would like feedback for your own work, post it here on DPW, it´s free to do so.

Cat 13002 Sweetness