Wednesday, 28 August 2013


5" x 3.5"
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I'm taking a short break. So what does an Artist do for a rest? Try a new medium of course! 

I've been wanting to try soft pastels for some time. I worked with oil pastels a few times and just couldn't get on with them. So over time I've purchased several sets of soft pastels which have lain unused. 

While in Paris I purchased some SENNELIER pastels and an outrageously expensive mini sketch pad from COULEURS DU QUAY VOLTAIRE, opposite the Louvre. Their claim to fame is that they supplied pastels to the impressionists. I thought that if I had the very best tools, I couldn't blame them if my paintings turned out badly. 

So here is my first offering. Part of the reason I wanted to try pastel was to see if it was easier to photograph than acrylics because of it's mat nature. I tried for some time in different light and couldn't get an accurate fix on the colour, so the answer is no, it's not easier. Here are two versions. I would say the colour of the flowers is more accurate in the first one and the colour of the background more accurate in the second, but both seem greyer or duller. 

I haven't sprayed with fixative because I hear it darkens the look, but I can if you prefer. I may eventually spray because I'm experimenting with tomorrow's creation. I think the very experienced Artist that I'm using as a mentor in this does use fixative on the lower layers and I can see why, because otherwise it can be quite fragile. I'll keep you posted.

13210 Pink Flowers in Pastel