Thursday, 22 August 2013



"Kal Lake’s distinctive aqua blue waters are formed by an abundance of naturally occurring calcite in the cool blue depths of this phenomenal lake. Changing with the seasons, her waters sparkle in shades of aqua blue, making for an ever changing landscape for everyone to enjoy."

Lake Country is pleased to be participating in the Great Places in Canada competition held annually by the Canadian Institute of Planners. Kalamalka Lake has been nominated as one of Canada’s great places, based on its stunning beauty and conservation efforts. Kalamalka, with its sibling lakes Wood and Okanagan, is central to the identity of Lake Country.
If you’d like to support Lake Country and vote for Kalamalka Lake as one of Canada’a Great Places, you can vote here!

I've been associated with beautful Lake Country for over 30 years. Here are some of my available Lake Country Paintings.

Kalamalka, Lake of Many Colours"
After a Mel Basaraba image
8" x 10"
Canvas Panel
Available here

"Above the Lake"
12" x 36"
Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas
Available here

"Light and Shadow"
24" x 36"
Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas
Available here

"Wild Companions"
3 Panels 20" x 16" (20" x 48" when hung touching but can display with a large gap to fill space)
Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas
Available here

Cat 11003 Kalamalka Lake of Many Colours
Cat 12069 Light and Shadow
Cat 12070 Above the Lake
Cat 12018 Wild Companions