Wednesday, 20 November 2013


GLOWING FOREST Photographed in halogen light at night while wet
6" x 8" Gallery Wrap Canvas
On sale at Daily Paintworks

Buy now, gift wrap and relax with a smile when everyone is still rushing around in December. Everyone purchasing from now till 25th December 2013 receives a free print as a thank you.

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Fashionable or not, my favourite type of painting is the free style of semi abstract expressionist or luminous arts. This type of thing makes my heart sing. I look at the interaction between the turquoise and orange and it makes me want to dance.

This painting was pure flow. I started by selecting the colours and painting varied stripes of them onto the canvas. Placement was part of the natural flow. The next addition were the leaves on the left and wanting to balance the composition I then added ferns to the lower part of the painting. The leaves seemed to need some anchoring to the rest of the composition, so I added branches to the tops of some trees and more layers of paint over the foliage. Next came Bronze highlights on the leaves and ferns.

The trick with a painting like this is to know when to stop. I was having so much fun, that was the difficult part. I hope you like it.

Cat # 13256 Glowing Forest