Thursday, 21 November 2013


UG2BK 12" x 16" Gallery Wrap Canvas by Sea Dean

"12 x 16" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Thick Impasto Mixed Media
On auction at Daily Paintworks

Buy now, gift wrap and relax with a smile when everyone is still rushing around in December. Everyone purchasing from now till 25th December 2013 receives a free print as a thank you.

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals or prints may be available by contacting me.

UG2BK = You've got to be kidding.

I discovered this text abbreviation recently and it seemed like a perfect name for a painting. I  have the urge to create some large abstracts, so today, I pulled out a prepped canvas and went for it.

Abstracts are strange creatures, no matter how much you plan, they have a life of their own and you have to go with the flow. As they say, "Resistance is futile".

There were several stages during the creation of this work that the phrase UG2BK crossed my mind and I almost abandoned it. However, I persevered and I love the result. Unless this sells quickly it may become a keeper. Some areas of this painting appear quite orange in the image, but there is no orange pigment in the painting. What you are seeing, is the glow of copper metallic paint under light. It is a lovely rich colour and because the paint was thick is has created some interesting ridges which catch the light in different ways.


1. The base coat is magenta.
2. I added some string and arranged it in an organic pattern.
3. Then I applied liquid acrylic with the intention of creating a flow painting. However, my liquid acrylic had other plans and I got no flow instead.
4. I changed to brushes and palette knife, moving the liquid up to the edge where I had previously placed artist's tape to stop drips falling over the edge. (I was doing this on a flat surface)
5. Next I added Copper tentacles and as the liquid acrylic started to dry I etched some patterns into it.
6. I left it to dry overnight.
7. I took photos and studied them, enlarging and rotating until I decided what to do next.
8. I loved the copper but it looked better when I zoomed in so that it continued off the edge of the painting, so I expanded the copper sections and sent them over the edge.
9. I wanted to incorporate more magenta to tie the under-painting into the whole, so I made it into a glaze and created swirls of translucent paint throughout the painting. As the transparent paint crossed the bright copper and lime green it created new and exciting colours which urged me on.
10. I painted the edge of the deep gallery wrap canvas black and added touches of black in the painting to balance all the brights.
11. To finish and refine I added my signature dots, applied dry acrylic and thick lines of copper until the painting told me it was done.
12. Voila UG2BK and I love it!

Cat # 13257 UG2BK