Tuesday, 31 December 2013


DELICIOUS  by Sea Dean
4" x 4" Canvas Panel

Mini Masterpiece

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When I was a kid it was traditional in England to order a case of apples for the holidays. I think the producers kept back the best in cold storage so they could capitalize on holiday spending. Our treat was tangerines, probably from sunny Tangier, but I remember hungrily leafing through the hamper catalogues in awe of the huge shiny Red Delicious displayed there.

This apple is part of a still life now hanging in my studio, that I painted 13 years ago in oil. I gave the painting to my father who hung it in his bedroom. He often remarked that the apple was so real he felt he could walk over and pick it up. Today I thought it would be fun to paint the apple with professional acrylics and see if I could achieve the same realistic result.

What do you think?

Cat # 13282 - Delicious
7th Day of Christmas