Monday, 30 December 2013

SUMMER GIRL I - PAINTING THE UNEXPECTED - A Daily Paintworks Pick of the Day

7" x 5" Canvas Panel
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In marketing, inspiration comes from all directions when you remain open. One of the most unexpected places to find marketing ideas is the good old shopping channel. Those sales people are top experts in social marketing and it pays to listen to what they're saying. They are the most current marketing team I know and so easy to watch at work. I bet they have blow by blow updates on their figures on what's working and what is not.

The other day my mother asked me to look at a new designer that she was enjoying, I turned to the channel and heard the word UNEXPECTED! The sales person was talking about merging a simple design with an "unexpected" large floral fabric. As soon as I heard the word my brain started whirring, because the word encapsulates my recent thoughts about designing and marketing my work.

I thought this blog was ready to go until a friend shared this collection of the 75 Best Photos of 2013.
I used to be an avid photographer and so I'm always willing to view the best of the best. While I was viewing these I took note which ones I liked most, and when I went back over the list, I discovered that the majority had a heavy dose of THE UNEXPECTED! Aha!

I hear it over and over again from both artists and art lovers ... In order for a painting to sell it must create an emotional response. The simplest way to do that is to add something "unexpected". This could be something as simple as a red dot in the focal point, or as creative as placing a Walrus in a tree. This year the visual above my easel will read "PAINT THE UNEXPECTED" because I think it's key.

At the end of the year I usually analyse my work and my sales thoroughly. This year I'm going to see if there was something unexpected about the paintings that sold. Was it the subject matter, composition, colour, etc. It will be interesting to see what I find.

Stay tuned for the unexpected in 2014.

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