Sunday, 12 January 2014

LAVENDAR FARM TWILIGHT ACEO - iPad and Painting Giveaway - 30 Paintings Day 13

4" x 4" Mini Masterpiece

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Another look at the way the Artist's mind works with progress photos. Another tweak of an ACEO. If you loved "Bluebell Garden", it is no more, sorry! 

The original inspiration photo was a Daily Paintworks challenge. At the time I had a love affair with my violet paint and I've since decided that although it looks lovely in the tube, it dries almost grey.

1. I started by adding purple to the foreground to enhance the colour. 
2. Then I changed the central building to give it country style.
3. Still not happy, I added a conifer to shift the composition away from the center and a path to draw the eye in and add interest.
4. A touch of red on the building
5. Some orange glow here and there and I declare it done.

I learned a lot in converting this painting. I like it a lot better now, particularly the foreground colours. For me it is a tad dark, but I think that brings it into alignment with the current trend for black. 

I would be curious what you think.

Cat # 14011 Lavendar Farm Twilight ACEO