Monday, 10 February 2014


3" x 4"on Canvas Panel

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This is my second rework of a 5 minute timed study completed for a challenge in 2012. We were asked to divide a canvas in 4 and paint a 5 minute study of a single object in different positions in each oblong. I chose a cherry. At the time I wanted a quick painterly background because of time constraints. Now, I am working my way through the cherries painting a different background on each one.

The original background was too dark and too cool. I love the pink backgrounds I see on Leslie Saeta's work, so I decided on pale pink for this cherry and I added some mixing white to it. I also wanted to darken the shadow, so I chose deep blue for bright morning sunlight. I rather like the effect.

It wasnt until I started labeling this blog that I realized that the palette for this painting is Red White and Blue. Rather appropriate with the 2014 Winter Olympics on at the moment. Go Team!

I have a couple more of these cherries and I'm curious what different backgrounds will do for them. Tomorrow I hope to unveil a large painting I've been working on for a submission. This time I really really think it's done. :)

Cat # 12063-3