Sunday, 27 April 2014


As you may know, I run a Facebook group called GET YOUR ART OUT THERE. Recently we passed the 300 dedicated member stage and in celebration I will periodically introduce one of our most active members through my blog. Today's MEMBER OF THE DAY is BOBBY VANDENHOORN.


Bobby van den Hoorn
van den Hoorn Art Studio

Bobby Vandenhoorn, an artist by passion, was born on Vancouver Island BC in 1982, and has lived in the Lake Country area for the last 14 years. By the time he was 17 he was painting his first outdoor wall mural, and since then, he has commissioned over 50 different murals not only for homeowners in the Okanagan, but also for many businesses in the area. Aside from murals keeping him busy, Bobby’s real artistic passion is with oil on canvas. He uses a very traditional method, with a very untraditional, bold, bright and unique style. He has commissioned many custom pieces for others in the last 12 years in the Okanagan, as he is often approached to do custom paintings.

See Bobby’s previous and current exhibitions below:

- September 2012 Lake Country Artwalk
- November 2012 100 Under 100, Lake Country Art Gallery
-Alexis Art Gallery, West Kelowna. January 2013- May 2013
-April 20 2013, Alexis Art Gallery, West Kelowna. Artist feature event-Painting on site.
-Mad Hatter, Kelowna. May 3rd through May 12th 2013
-September 2013 Lake Country Artwalk, Painting on site
-November 2013 100 under 100, Lake Country Art Gallery
-November 2013- present, Display at State of the Art Gallery, Kelowna
-March-May 2014- Lake Country Coffee House, Lake Country BC. Solo Exhibition

Bobby Continues to make the shift away from murals into canvas artworks, as this is his real passion.

Artists Statement

There can be many different feelings, thoughts or emotions expressed through each of my artworks. The longer I have the viewer intrigued and curious with a painting, the more successful the painting is in my opinion.

Not using any one artist style, but influenced by many, I create very bold and bright abstract oil on canvas artworks. You may pick up on influences such as impressionism, surrealism, and realism, or contemporary abstraction in my work. Put together, I work to add many layers and depth to provoke thought, stemming from an original and simple subject. Often you will see subjects arranged in such a way which your eye is not used to seeing in the traditional art world. On purpose I try to go against art norms and traditional art “rules”. As an example, you may see a horizon in the lower portion of a painting, or I may use cool colors in the foreground and warm in the background, on purpose. I may even mock the traditional “realism” style by adding the image of a “tear” directly through the realism style painting, and adding something in the new “torn” space. The idea is to give the viewer something much more interesting which they have never quite seen before.

My unique style is simply meant to provoke new thought, curiosity and interest through a classic method of painting.

Bobby Vandenhoorn

If you use Facebook, you can become a member of our group and visit her portfolio under the photo tab on GET YOUR ART OUT THERE.