Tuesday, 8 April 2014

WHITE ROSE III - 30 Strokes (close anyway)

"8 x 8" on gallery canvas

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My goal today was to create a rose with 30 Strokes of the brush. Loosening up your brushwork - A tip from Nancy Medina Join in if you like. and post your link in comments.

I'm getting better at this although it's very trying. I'm developing some new techniques, but I have to wonder if anyone has tried this with acrylics. I have a mind to haul out my oils, and give it a go.

Here I tried first blocking in the rose with a few sweeps of ivory white to save brushstrokes. Then I  mixed in some yellow and made a few more sweeps for warmth. Although my style is direct from the tube, I find straight acrylic violet is too cool, bright and dries a lot darker, so I added a little warm purple and some ivory mix for the shadow. Then a few outlines in a colorful brown mix.

This is much looser than White Rose I from a few blogs ago. I'm taking Nancy to mean count the brushstrokes to create the rose, not the background as well which would be impossible. Next time I will be attempting 15 strokes. Yikes!

Cat # 14068 White Rose III - 30 Strokes