Thursday, 29 May 2014

SPRING ORCHARD II - Light and Shadow Painting

SPRING ORCHARD II by Sea Dean - Final Version
Original Painting
Original Painting by Sea Dean
8” x 10” Gallery Wrap Canvas
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

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It has been interesting watching my view of light change since I studied the impressionists last year. I'm now much bolder with using colour based purely on value. As I've studied more of Edouard Manet's work closeup I've also become bolder with using darks and lights next to each other. Here I tweaked a previous painting focusing on light and shadow.

Intermediate version
Spring Orchard has sold well as an Art Card, but I wanted to add more sunlight. In version II I think I went a bit overboard with the sun and it looked a bit bleached out. In Version III I added a light warm green and replaced some of the fallen petals.

I remember fruit picking in my youth, lugging around the huge ladders and being so high on the top rungs to get the best apples and cherries. Now it must be so much easier. These small fruit trees have become popular and they look odd planted so close together. I'm told they're bred this way to make the fruit easy to pick. It's amazing they produce the quantity of fruit they do compared to the graceful tall and wide trees of the past.

Cat # 140101 Spring Orchard II