Saturday, 31 May 2014


Original Painting by Sea Dean
11” x 14” Canvas Panel
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

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I started this painting 3 years ago, but I was unhappy with the type of Acrylic paint I was using at the time, and being an oil painter, I was unfamiliar with the challenges of acrylic fading and darkening as it dries, so I became frustrated and abandoned it. When I came across the painting recently, I just knew I had to work on it again, and I'm so glad I did. 

The original inspiration for this painting, was a photo by my friend Bob Jones, who was cycling around the UK at the time. I couldn't find the image when I was working on it the second time, so I just invented it as I went along based on all the beaches and images I've seen in my life. 

Although the photo was taken in Scotland, it is similar to many other parts of the world. Parts of Scotland are very like parts of Canada and South America, so I can imagine there are places in of Africa and Asia as well.

I enjoyed re-creating the AJ Casson style sky, The main challenge was to invite the viewer into the scene and to do that I chose a slightly warmer but limited palette, mainly Cerulean Blue, Matisse Cadmium Yellow Green, Phthalo Blue Green shade, Matisse Venetian Terracotta, Matisse Naples Yellow Light, Liquitex Heavy Body Parchment and Titanium White. Parts of the old under-painting were left, but not many.

Cat # 14108 Windswept Bay