Sunday, 22 June 2014

NATIVE DANCE - 10 x 10 inch painting by Sea Dean

NATIVE DANCE by Sea Dean (a)
NATIVE DANCE by Sea Dean (b)
NATIVE DANCE by Sea Dean (c)
NATIVE DANCE by Sea Dean (d)
Original Mixed Media Painting by Sea Dean
10" x 10" on wrap canvas

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When I started this painting it was to relax with my paints, use some of my favourite colours, various types of paint, some new ink, liquid acrylics and alcohol. I wanted to play with pouring, dripping, finger-painting, merging and additives. As often happens with my non representational art, the painting took control and allowed it to dictate it's needs.

The final painting is gorgeous and one I'm happy to hang in the new studio I'm curating. It was obvious part way through that dancer wanted to emerge, especially in the poured ink section. The dots, swirls and feathering seemed to add fanciful headgear which could be ancient inca, native american or even Vegas dance girl, whatever speaks to you.

Then came the signing. Although I painted the abstract one way turning it occasionally to reach some areas while others were drying,  I really feel it could work any way up, or even with one point up. Which is your favourite, a, b, c, or d? I just couldn't come to any conclusions and so I will sign when the cutomer purchases it. The concern is that in between it will go into various galleries and websites and I must decide how to hang the piece.

Cat # 14127 Native Dance