Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Original Painting by Sea Dean
12” x 12” Canvas Panel
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

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While I was volunteer docent at the local gallery I got a chance to collaborate at ART THROUGH THE AGES Inter-generational Exhibition. The table was loaded with media choices to play with and anyone could create, put their name and age on the back and leave their art for another person of a different generation to add to it. 

I chose a piece already partly decorated with ink and marker by a young lady who only put her initials D.K. I added warm turquoise handmade paper, which I wove into a mat as well as some printed paper cutouts in orange and olive which I clipped from printing scraps. I love it and so did our summer intern Jody who made this image.

Miss D.K. didn't leave any contact information, so I was lucky enough to take the collage home at the end of the exhibition.

Thanks Jody for your image.

Cat # 14111 Floral Voyage