Monday, 1 September 2014


PRETTY HIGH - Mixed Media 6" x 6" Wrap Canvas

Miniature Masterpiece - Shoe Heaven
Original Painting by Sea Dean
6” x 6” Gallery Wrap Canvas
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

Purchase via Daily Paintworks

This was a difficult challenge because there were many angles that had to be just right, the front of the foot, the placement of the heel, the height of the anklet etc. I easily chose turquoise/teal for the leather and rose pink for the flowers, but when it came to creating a background it took a while to decide on something simple, interesting enough to grab attention, yet not too busy to distract from the main focus. I settled for a multi layered organdy drape which is much prettier in real life.

My style continues to develop, and I find myself often drawn to mixing smooth with impasto. I also love mixed media and will continue to work with galleries in understanding that this is valid form of fine art, not just a simple craft. For this painting I chose a 3 dimensional style of flower created with soft gel with the shoe smooth and unobtrusive. The final touch is the applied silk flower which really adds pop. I like the effect. I would describe the colour of the flower as true rose pink. It is a warm medium shade. Some monitors might make it appear brighter as with any reddish tones.

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