Friday, 12 September 2014




by Sea Dean
6" x 6" Acid and Lignin free Canvas Card
Mixed Media

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The more I use my new coloured card, the more excited I get. This happy painting started as a straight abstract. I used light magenta card and toned it with cadmium red and big globby piles of turquoise. I let this dry for a couple of days, not sure how to progress.

After finishing CRAZY SHOES yesterday I was invigorated and decided to continue with this. I turned it this way and that and decided that it reminded me of flowers, so I went with it, adding violet and red flowers and an Indian yellow sun with plenty of fine copper enhancements.This is part of a sparkle and shine series that I am working on for a night garden show at the end of September, hence the extra iridescent paint.

I find that the edges of this card tends to curl as the acrylic dries, but I lightly mist the back before bagging and back with a stiff Bristol board. I add a heavy book on top and it flattens out overnight.

Blogger seems to be dulling my images lately, so I hope you get a better image on your screen than I do. Try checking my Daily Paintworks gallery for a brighter version.

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