Wednesday, 24 September 2014



by Sea Dean
6" x 2" Strathmore Winpower
Raw Edge Top Mount Painting

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Like so many of my paintings I was inspired by an image and had a desire to create the same feeling of awe the colours gave me. The original image was of Denali National Park in Northern Canada with white mountains and light magenta Fireweed: This looks completely different, but I think the colour combination inspires the same response. There are also a few tasteful highlights in interference gold and violet on the flowers, which are not obvious, but which catch the light at unexpected times.

The paintings in this series are finished right up to the edge and have not been trimmed. This creates a slightly uneven edge where I've allowed the paint to harden without wiping it away. They look amazing mounted on colured mat board with double sided tape, which creates a slight shadow. The mount is then placed in a larger frame, I suggest 8" x 6" or 10" x 8" as a good size (without glass of course).


I was a little premature in announcing my presence at SPINCO for the Culture Crawl this weekend. There's been a little juggling and I now have the most fantabulous location for my work on at the newly retooled SAGE REALTY 426 Bernard Avenue, virtually next to Lululemon on the corner of Pandosy.

I'm over the moon about the location which is designer decorated in my favourite elegant but eclectic style. I'm hoping to suspend some of my work in the windows and perhaps even paint on site for some of the time depending on the somewhat changeable weather we've been having this week.

I dropped off my paintings at Artizan House for the A NIGHT OF ONE THOUSAND LIGHTS exhibition which starts today and runs each night this weekend. The location, 1009 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC, takes place in the grounds of a rambling mansion and the volunteers have done an amazing job of the gardens. This is going to be a night to remember and must not be missed. See you there.

Cat # 14151 The River Flows- Posted as # 7 on the 30 in 30