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I interrupt my 30 paintings in 30 days routine to share a blog hop. I do have a new painting posted on Daily Paintworks, so I'm still on track with the challenge :)


I've been invited by fellow artist Nan Johnson to participate in a "Blog Hop". This is a way for artists to find other artists with blogs that they may never have seen. I will introduce you to Nan, answer four specific questions about my work and then share the work of two artists whose work I admire and I also follow their blogs.

I first saw Nan's work on Daily Paintworks and then we met through Leslie Saeta's art marketing class where we gathered a support group to help us all stay on track. We hit it off immediately and although we've never met or even spoken to each other, we've become fast friends.
THREE ARCHES by Nan Johnson

"My artwork focuses on the lines, patterns and shapes that appear in everyday life. We live our lives surrounded by patterns and shapes that affect our thoughts and ideas – and we may not even be consciously aware of their influence. Using acrylic paints and painting in styles that combine both oil painting & watercolor techniques, I am able to express the patterns I see in the world surrounding me. The subject matter of each body of work determines the style or technique that is used to create the final piece. Each piece invites the viewer to create a story from what they see visually. Very often, a piece can be interpreted in more than one way – which often leads to the next body of work."

"I hold true to the statement that art is not a thing, it is a way. A way of expressing, of communicating, and of recording a moment in time where an emotion is felt. It's all about capturing the visual expression that is found in life. I find it is a great way to live!"


1. What am I currently working on?
I'm currently involved in Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
I have two solo exhibitions in Lake Country showing nearly 60 paintings.
I am organzing a new studio/gallery/classroom and plein air balcony in my home
My latest work utilizes gels, mediums, pastes, applied found objects and lots of bling.
I am also working on a pal portrait commission.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Although I love to paint and create collage, I would say my work mostly differs in it's underpinnings. I'm fascinated by the complex and burgeoning field of acrylics and like to experiment with the latest supplies so I can pass my knowledge onto my students. Acrylic is not oil or watercolour and nobody will succeed with the medium if they don't learn to appreciate it's own unique qualities.

3. Why do I create what I do?
The bulk of my work is income driven. I carefully study and follow trends in order to pay the bills. In my free time I like to experiment and that is when my Art School training really comes to the fore. I want to inspire awe and curiosity. How did she do that?

4. How does my creative process work?
In my daily painting I'm inspired by something I've seen when out, on TV or on the internet. I sit at my desk, choose a palette of colours and start painting with little planning. I'm largely an intuitive painter for small works, starting with a clear picture in my mind which often changes as I get into the process. For exhibitions I paint larger and due to the cost of supplies I spend more time planning before I start work. Due to the size of these pieces, I usually stand at an easel which gives a different feel to my larger works.

Now for my chosen Artists .......

I met Marion Hedger through the wonders of the internet. I love her style and I'm totally envious of where she lives.

Marion was born in Nottingham, England. After following a science career and moving first to South Africa and then Australia, she returned to England. One birthday she received a priceless gift of watercolour supplies. After watercolour, Marion tried acrylics and had work accepted by Patching’s open competition. She took early retirement and moved to Nice, France in 2004. 

After a few years spent renovating her new home, she returned to painting, experimenting first with pastels, then coloured pencils, oil pastels and gouache. Oil and palette knife are now her chosen tools and accordingly, her style has changed from realistic to impressionistic. Her colourful paintings mainly feature the flowers and landscapes of the South of France. 

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Sheila Delgado is my most dedicated supporter. She started following my blog about a year ago, around the time I held my online Art Party and I don't think she has missed commenting on my work for one day since then. Not only does she praise, but she points out exactly what she likes about my work, which is very useful. I also follow her blog and find it fun and refreshing. Along with her finished work, Sheila also sometimes treats us to poety and images of her experimentation.
BLUESCAPE by Sheila Delgado


Sheila studied graphic art and computer graphics at Platt College in San Diego CA. After a two decade detour into retail management and corporate compliance, she is now pursuing her career in art full time. 
A self taught artist, Sheila studies the work and techniques of artists who work in watercolor, mixed media, acrylics and other mediums. Eager to make up for lost time, she devours books and videos. That graphic arts background is put to use with surface pattern design, which often start with hand painted images; she is currently building a portfolio with the goal of becoming a licensed artist. Sheilas' patterns can be seen at Spoonflower and Zazzle. Her paintings are also available through Zazzle.

Sheila's art work has been featured in:

THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOSS: Embrace What is, Honor What Was, Love What Will Be by Patti Digh - 2014
GOLF SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of a good walk spoiled by Bradford G. Wheler - 2013
CAT SAYINGS: wit & wisdom from the whiskered ones by Bradford G. Wheler - 2012

She also contributed to Bradford G. Wheler's s soon to be released, LOVE SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of romance, courtship, and marriage

Sheila lives near the Santa Rosa Plateau in Southern California.
I hope you've enjoyed this little diversion. Please check out Nan, Marion and Sheila's online presence and say hi in their comments.  

Cat # 13097 Spring Light - Posted as # 2 on Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30

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