Saturday, 6 September 2014




by Sea Dean
8" x 6" Canvas Panel in an ornate antique frame

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This was a little cheat on the 30 in 30 theme. I did a bit of a tweak on this painting and framed it in a gorgeous antique frame to be presented at Art Walk. I have always loved this painting but there was something which was making me uneasy about it and I finally decided that the composition was too balanced. It needed something to make it pop.

I launched in with and antique ivory loaded brush intending to do a substantial shift in the composition, but a couple of brush strokes and turning it 90 degrees did the trick. The background in this thick impasto painting is luscious, almost edible with the unusual combination of bronze, lime and violet making it truly special. But when I put it into its bold frame that was the finishing touch.

Love love love it!

Cat # 12047 - 30 in 30 # 22