Wednesday, 5 November 2014


By Sea Dean
24" x 18" Canvas Wrap
30" x 24" Frame
Mixed Media

This may look familiar because it's a reworking of Himalayan Stars. Blue poppies are not widely known and with Remembrance Day coming up and a submission due which required red, I thought I would make a few tweaks. I so love how this turned out and the image just doesn't do it justice.

I very much admire my flower paintings peers Nancy Medina, Elena Katsyura, and Krista Eaton, so this is a nod to them all. I kept the Star Magnolias and added a few more, changed the blue poppies to red and added more, then I added some impressionistic hydrangea or lilac blossoms and reworked the background. I had never liked the glass vase so I changed that to solid blue and made it larger so that it ran off the bottom.

The composition of Himalayan Stars was much too traditional and balanced and here I focused on keeping the balance but making the whole composition asymmetrical. Another rule I try to remember is to make each corner different; here one corner is lemon, one pthalo blue, one light permanent and one lilac as a main colour.

I hope you like it.

PS sorry about the glint of light above the canvas, I was in a rush to submit this to a jury by 3pm. I will have it on exhibition at the Red Barn in Kelowna Mission area from 10am - 4pm on Saturday.

REF 14176 Poppies and Stars