Thursday, 25 December 2014

UNWRAPPED - GREETING AT THE DOCK - Pal portrait and favourite commission of the year

My favourite commission of the year, GREETING AT THE DOCK with Stella and Stanley.

This was a large commission for a pet portrait, so took longer than usual. I had to redesign Stella, the little black dog because she is very active and no one photo could capture her look. The last photo is not the finished version as in the rush to varnish and dry I forgot to take a final photo. I hope to take one in the future.
PHOTO SESSION - Stella and Stanley

PHASE I - Underpainting - 24th Nov
PHASE II Working from photo on laptop - 25th Nov
PHASE III - Placing lights and darks - 25th Nov
PHASE IV - Working on Background - 25th Nov
PHASE V - Adding dock - 25th Nov
PHASE VI - Painting Stanley - 29 Nov
PHASE VII - Shadow - 1 Dec

PHASE VIII - Stella appears - 5 Dec
PHASE IX - Stella's face - 8 Dec
PHASE X - Stella Face and that tricky back leg - 12 Dec
PHASE XI - Finally a good position for that leg - 17 Dec

PHASE XII - Redesigning the dock - 18 Dec
PHASE XIII - Adding distant point and lighter foliage - 19 Dec
PHASE XIV - Nearly done - 22 Dec
I will post the final version when I can.

If you know someone that would love a PALS PET PORTRAIT, please send them this blog and ask them to contact me.