Monday, 22 December 2014


After Tweaking
Before Tweaking
Original Painting by Sea Dean
8” x 8” Canvas Panel
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

Purchase via Daily Paintworks

I'm still in awe of Edouard Manet and experimenting with his methods. When this challenge came up on Daily Paintworks I had to take it on because of the dramatic value shifts.

In the first version, which took me a couple of days, I think I got the tonal balance right according to the original inspiration image, but I never liked the stark back-lighting on just one petal of this rose. On closer examination of the challenge photograph and other entries on Daily Paintworks, I noticed that a couple more of the outer petals were slightly lighter than I had depicted. Values are so crucial in a painting, and so I finally got around to adding more sunlight to outer petals on the dark side.

I like this painting better now and I think I will send it to one of my galleries in the new year. However, if you want to catch it before it leaves you could click the Daily Paintworks link and buy it now.

You will notice that I have switched the time that my blog goes out to coincide with activity on Google +. Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days is coming up again in January and I'm going to attempt to get ahead over the holidays so I'm not painting madly still at 11 pm to make the midnight post. Wish me luck!

Cat # 14101 Catching the Sun