Tuesday, 17 February 2015



After a massive 30 hours of counting, at long last, we have our ART PARTY winners. ***

At final count there were 93 participants and 39 Artists who submitted work from around the world. We collectively spread the word through blogs, facebook, twitter, pinterest, google + and word of mouth (plus a few methods I don't know about) resulting in 7,377 visitors to the party. 

The Pinterest boards, ART PARTY and ART PARTY TOP PAINTINGS plus the ART PARTY blogs will receive ongoing visits, so your efforts were well worth your time. 

So now, at long last, is the much anticipated winners list for last month's ART PARTY. I would like to congratulate all the winners who put in a huge effort to produce work and support the participating artists.

Winners, please go to PRIZE SELECTION WEBSITE to see your choices. There are 15 choices, so make sure you scroll down and click on "Show More" to see them all. Prizes will be awarded in list order. I will contact you when it is your turn to select your prize. Once a prize has been awarded it will show as RESERVED on the listing.

(In case you're wondering, yes, naturally, I did share the most, exhibit the most, vote and comment the most, but I stepped aside to allow others to enjoy the prizes.)

1. Most Votes * on one Painting – Pam Schoessow

2. Top Supporter (participant) – Sheila Delgado with a whopping 215 posts, comments and shares

3. Most Points ** overall – Sheila Delgado with 384

4. Most Votes* overall – Wendy Mould with 132

5. Most Paintings Posted – Val van der Poel, who posted just one more than Carol Edan, Connie Cagley, and Sheila Delgado

6. Top Pinner on Pinterest – Sheila Delgado who also added a mini blog to each one, liked every painting and commented. Pam Schoessow was runner up in this category, even beating me.

7. Top Supporter (non participant) - Thony. Due.

* Votes are the total of all votes on the artist’s posted paintings throughout the party
** One point is given for every post, pin, vote, share, comment etc. throughout the party        

*** Some social media is very difficult to count especially Twitter, so if you shared massively on Twitter and feel you’ve been ignored in the prizes, please contact me. For example, I have an app on Networked Blogs which shares automatically to Facebook and Twitter, so I shared 30 blogs to each during the month. Plus some of my posts on Pinterest were shared to Twitter, although I sometimes forget to tick the box. I think Twitter is a highly underused resource which I need to pay more attention to.