Saturday, 7 March 2015

DO YOU USE LINKEDIN? - Topiary Roses

6" x 4" Matted to 8" x 6" 
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Sea Dean at Linkedin

I'm quite a fan of Linkedin which I think is one of the most underused resources for artists. The groups are very lively and informative and you can make good contacts through them. It i.s also a good way to show how serious you are as an artist and find the right people that can a) recommend your work b) may contract you or purchase a license to use your work.

Below are some more tips on how to use it.

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Your Social Media Strategy by Jen DzLura

LinkedIn is sort of the boring older cousin of all the other social sites. Have I ever seen a beautiful, inspiring post on LinkedIn? Maybe not.

And yet, one great advantage of LinkedIn is that you can actually contact people on the site — the right people, making it clear you’ve done your research — and they generally won’t get offended. It’s a business site. It’s there for business.

LinkedIn Influencer Katty Kay recommends using the site to remind your own boss about your accomplishments within the company. A little roundabout, but all right then.

To promote an event, you can create a Group and populate it with content (not all of it related to your event!) to get people to join. Once people are in your group, you can send them direct emails without having to use LinkedIn’s paid InMail service.

Even if you don’t have the bandwidth to spend time on LinkedIn every day building up your network, get your profile page right. While Linkedin pages do, for good reason, look a lot like résumés, that’s not exactly how you should use your profile. Don’t make your summary all about your past jobs and accomplishments. No one’s going to give you a cookie for those.

Instead, make your summary about who you want to meet, what you’re working on now, what you’re aiming to do next, and what you can do for others.