Saturday, 2 May 2015


I had a lovely day as volunteer docent at the Lake Country Art Gallery. Nearly 100 visitors, inter-generational painters and volunteers busy in the back preparing the new location of the gift shop. The exhibition by Marlene MacPherson is receiving great reviews and so is ART THROUGH THE AGES, the inter-generational show.

Petrina, the gallery manager, has been so busy applying for grants there has been no time to prepare the price list, so I managed to get it done with some help from a friend. Now you can see which of the pieces are for sale and which are going to become airlooms in the families that have created them. The inter-generational show is fabulous and there are many pieces I would love in my collection. These are my collaborations with prices, all available through the gallery or in my Daily Paintworks online location.

A Nest for One 3D $95 (with Spender Arguedas) $95
Ogopogo's Lunch (with Spencer Arguedas) $100
A Nest for Two (with Spencer Arguedas) $120
A Nest for Two 3D (with Spencer Arguedas) $125
The eyes see Beauty in Music (with June Seed) $350
Whistle While you work (with June Seed) $475

My busy day also included stopping by at the location of the new anniversary mural for a pancake breakfast and a look at some of the lovely paintings that are going to make up the pixel mural.

I also took a cruise around the Lake Country Art Bazaar in the grounds of the Art House, which is taking place the first Saturday of each month throughout summer, plus September 11th during Art Walk. Many artists, from painters, potters, jewellery makers were present, plus alternative therapies, the busking Bizzarro Brothers band and a bake sale.

Lake Country is the happening place.