Friday, 1 May 2015


This is the lovely postcard that I received from Kat Sloma, the organizer of the postcard swap. Kat generously sends each of the several hundred participants a postcard of her art work. She asks us not to blog or show the postcard until the swap is over because it will spoil the surprise. I still have one postcard intrepidly making its way to me, but the swap is over, so here is Kat's work.

I photographed the card with one of my favourite things, which is a lacquer covered bamboo bowl in a sort of Cinnebar colour. I placed the bowl on another favourite thing, a thick soft shag rug that feels gorgeous on bare feet at the end of a hard day.

My pairing for Kat's card has to be the Canadian Flag from my FLAGS OF THE WORLD series. This series is painted on 8" x 6" Canvas Panel to make them easy to ship anywhere in the world. I'm happy to paint my version of a flag from any country that is meaningful to you. They also make a great patriotic gift. Meanwhile, TRUE NORTH is available for purchase at my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

REF 2065 True North