Thursday, 30 April 2015


MILES by Sea Dean - 10" x 8" Arches Board

Every month, the platform where I market my art online has a contest. The judge is usually a fellow artist and this month it's Johnathan Aller. You can submit any 2D work whether it is available or not and whether you are a member of DPW or not. The cost is $10 for members and $14 for non members. The prizes are 1st - $500, 2nd - $300, and 3rd - $150 and the top 15 artists become DPW featured artists for a month for free! I enter because the prize is attractive, but more importantly I would like the exposure of being a featured artist.

This month I submitted my painting of Miles, a little doggie I've never met, but I'm told he has quite a personality. It is painted on one of my favourite surfaces, Canson Arches board, which I discovered at a demo by famous local watercolour artist Alex Fong.

The surface you paint on has quite an effect on the finished work, and I love the velvety and very forgiving texture of this board. It give a more realistic and smooth look to a painting with soft edges, perfect for fur.

I'm currently available to paint PAL PORTRAITS, so if you know someone with a special pet, or if you want to immortalize your own special companion, please contact me in comments. Years ago, before I became a professional artist, I had a portrait painted of my darling cat Kitza and it still brings me joy every day, even though she passed a long time ago. So I know first hand what a wonderful gift they make.

PAWS by Sea Dean - 8" x 10" Canvas Panel

REF 4168 Miles - REF 3060 Paws