Wednesday, 29 April 2015

LIBERATE YOUR ART POSTCARD SWAP - Please Share - Help me find this artist


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Today's postcard artist is Jamie??? (more about this later).

I always like to match the style of the artist that has created the postcard with some of my pieces. Today I've chosen AMARILLO ROSES, a 5" x 7" Canvas Panel and DAISY CHAIN, a 6" x 6" Miniature Masterpiece Series painting on gallery wrap canvas. I think my renditions have some of the, lyrical quality of Jamie's postcard and a spring like aura. Both paintings are available at Daily Paintworks.

The postcard below is one of my last swap arrivals and no wonder it took so long, because it looks like it's been in a fight. It's a sorry sight: The combined USA and Canadian postal services have torn it and smeared ink over it and generally abused it. It appears that the flower was originally a narcissus, a herald of spring. 

The saddest thing of all is that the sender didn't give their name or a way to contact and thank them.

On the front it reads "Not too fast." and if that isn't a self fulfilling prophesy I don't know what is.

On the back is printed
With the
coming of 
spring, I am
calm again.
                         ~ Gustav Mahler

And hand written

Hoping this finds you creatively healthy. Enjoy the season!!

It is signed with a single name, possibly Jamie??? If anyone knows who this artist is, please leave a comment on my blog so I can thank them and link to their website.


As soon as I saw the postcard I knew I wanted to photograph it with one of my favourite things, my Casio light up keyboard which teaches you how to play - such an amazing invention! I was always envious of friends that could play piano and it wasn't until my father gave me the money to buy this, that I found out how easy it was to make beautiful music.

Now I can play some Mozart, Ragtime and many orchestral pieces. I find it very meditative and relaxing to practice. I don't even disturb anyone with my tinkering because I listen to the prompts and my efforts with headphones on. Mind you, I'm glad I learned this way, rather than running endless scales.

REF 4113 Amarillo Roses and REF 2004 Daisy Chain