Tuesday, 28 April 2015

FOREST LIGHT - The best varnish

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My apologies to those who viewed this blog earlier this week. It got away before I had finished.

This painting is on wood panel and I will be finishing it with a gloss Gamvar varnish, which, I'm told, brings out depth in colour better than most. This will be my first trial with Gamvar which was developed by the National Gallery of Art in the USA. It is the varnish of choice for many professional painters. The only challenge I have is that you can't touch up once the painting is varnished with it.

In FOREST LIGHT, I like the unusual palette and the creamy sunlight filtering through the trees, which is a combination of Derivan Matisse Structure Antique White and Light Naples Yellow, which is Australian but can be purchased through Jerry's in the USA.

I have to admit that the painting photographed a bit wishy washy, because the paint soaked into the wood panel surface. This will be addressed by the Gamvar, but then it won't photograph well either, because of the gloss finish.

... The trials of being an art blogger.

REF 5047 Forest Light