Tuesday, 5 May 2015

OPEN STUDIO TOUR - Bookmark for MAY 30th or 31st - STUDIO MAP

I thought that today I'd share of the studio tour coming up at the end of May. This tour is focused on Lake Country artists and although I have recently moved to Kelowna, I still have a foot in both camps and have been generously included in the group.

The studio tour organizers considered my north Kelowna studio/gallery too far for the tour this year and have placed me at Ancient Hills winery, a lovely spot with a picnic area and wine tasting. (#13 on the map). My regular gallery/studio is off highway 97, near Costco in Kelowna and is open for private viewing (and coffee if you ask nicely) - every day by appointment.

This tour will be a rare opportunity to see my latest work, unless you come to my studio, because my next show is not till September. On display will be my new postcards including the popular OGOPOGO's LUNCH, my latest 3 D work, jewellery, collage and larger pieces. It is a great time to chat about my pet portraits and schedule my time for "off to college" pet portraits and holiday gifts.

If you copy and print the map to a regular size sheet of paper you will see it better.

I recommend planning your trip the day before and adding lunch at
1. Ancient Hills Winery (where you can see me and Carol Zuckerman and sip on wine with a picnic),
2. Lake Country Coffee Shop for latte and a variety of snacks, (next door see Ann Wilkie, Sheila Tansy, Maureen Lejbak and Tina Knoohuizen) or
3. Oyama Store for ice cream and fast food (north of Darryl Pike on the Oyama causeway).

Here is a list of participating artists -

Angela Hansen
Ann Wilkie
Carol Zuckerman
Daryl Pike
Denise Wandt
Emily Sterling
Judy Wasyleshko
June Seed
Leanne Spanza
Maureen Lejbak
Norma Swaine
Sandra Stevenson
Sea Dean
Sheila Tansy
Stacey Dean
Tina Knoohuizen
Vallee Hunter

I hope to see you there.
MAY 30 - 31 
10:00 am - 4pm

Ancient Hills Winery
4918 Anderson Road
Kelowna, BC, V1X 7V7

Phone: 250 491 2766
Email: info@ancienthillwinery.com

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/frayedandfeathered
Website:- http://frayedandfeathered.weebly.com/
Contact:- frayedandfeathered@gmail.com

My thanks go to the amazing organizing team - Judy, Denise, Angela, et al ... 
Your efforts do not go unnoticed!