Wednesday, 6 May 2015


As I look at this totally intuitive abstract painting created by two artists of completely different generations, I can see a dog and a cat, clouds, sparkling sunlight and exciting movement. Turn it another way and there is a dancing ghost, another view reveals birds, waves and a camel?? What is he doing at the ocean? What do you see?

This is the joy of abstract painting, you can see whatever you want. Often they can raise a smile, or give a sense of freedom, space and grandeur. 

This is how much fun it can be to work with another artist of a different age group. While docent at the Lake Country Art Gallery last week, a young lad wandered in from the coffee shop next door and asked if I would mind if he looked at the art. He was amazingly polite, articulate and adult for his age and as he wandered in and out while waiting for his parents to finish lunch, we became friends.

During this particular exhibition we encourage people of all ages to create art, add their name and age and leave it for another artist of a different age group to add something. After a while I asked if the boy would like to paint or draw something and set him up with paper and lots of supplies. He went at it with gusto and on the pictured painting he did some enthusiastic water colour strokes. At least one more person of a different age must add something before we can hang a painting on the wall, so I asked if he minded me adding to it and he loved the idea. Later his Mum came and added to his other works and I told him he must come back next week when they are dry and see them on the wall. He said he absolutely would!

Chatting with Xavier's Mum, it turned out he was being home schooled and she was looking for a social group for young artists to encourage him to paint more. I introduced her to the gallery's kids program and it looks like he is going to come.

An artist is born.

By the way, I totally LOVE this piece. What do you think?