Thursday, 7 May 2015


Have you noticed how often you get asked for your postal code when purchasing something these days? It seems less invasive than giving an email address or phone number, but is it? Did you know that your postcode or zip code is extremely precise and reveals where you live within a few steps. It can even target a particular building or housing development. That innocent piece of information can provide marketing experts useful information about you and your neighbours. Look up your code here and see what it says about your lifestyle.

So how can this help a struggling artist? Examine your contact mailing list and check the codes to see who your customers are. You will find some surprising information. If you have several customers in one area or town or codes with similar definitions, you now have a clearer picture of your buyers. It may help when choosing where to exhibit and what shows to book. You could also send out mail to similar areas and if near your home, how about holding an invitational studio open house?

PRIZMS, is a useful postcode look up tool. It does seem to have a few glitches, so as with everything else, use wisely. For instance, I recently moved from an upscale country condo by a lake, beach and park, to a less well heeled urban area. The post codes moved me from "Urban downscale singles and families" to "Younger urban lower - middle income singles and families" which doesn't quite match my quiet, semi-retired neighbourhood. However, I was pleased to note that I have miraculously changed enjoying coffee and a doughnut at Tim Hortons (which is only a few blocks from my new home), to conducting an active social life in bars restaurants and night clubs. Whooo Hoooo ... Bring it on!

"Safe Harbour" above recently sold through Ritchcraft Gallery and is currently winging it's way to someone as a gift. If you love it, as always, I'm happy to paint something similar in any size for your collection.