Saturday, 9 May 2015


I've painted plein air before, but only close to my home or vehicle, so not knowing what to expect in a restricted competition area I decided to get everything organised in advance for tomorrow's Opus challenge. I looked online, but mainly came up with plein air OIL painting lists, so I decided to compile one for ACRYLIC painters.

This is what I consider my most brilliant idea. Last year I found a cheap and easy to use walker in a thrift store and kept it because you never know when you may need one. I am kitting this walker out so I can plein air in the park across the road. It is great for both transport and to use as a seat.

For paints I'm taking my Atelier Interactive set, which I've never worked with, so as a back up I'm taking some old favourites. I've also listed only a few brushes, but as it's a timed contest, I will take several of each size so I can keep my colours on separate brushes and don't need to bother to wash as often.

Plein Air Supply List

Titanium white (Open)
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Red Light
Prussian Blue
Pthalo Blue (Red shade) 
Alizarin Crimson
Dioxazine Purple
Cadmium Orange (Open)
Transparent Iron Oxide
Black paint pen

Acrylic Medium and varnish
Acrylic heavy matt or gloss gel
Acrylic gloss soft gel

small liner, small angle,
1/2" Angle, 1/2" Flat,
3/4" Angle, 3/4" Flat,
large under-painting brush, 2" varnish brush
two or three palette knives, painting scrapers
Container for water
Bottled of water for cleaning brushes
Fine Spray bottle of water

9" x 12" Canvas or Canvas Panel (supplied by Opus)
Comfortable folding chair or stool (don't need this with a walker)
Plein air box or aluminum folding easel full height model for standing
Paper towel or rags
a bag for trash
Stay wet palette(s)
Screen to keep wind off palette(s)
Business cards
Studio tour handouts
A bag to put it all inFully charged cell phone or watch to keep time
Fully charged camera
Camera cable to load on laptop
Bottle of water to drink
Packed lunch and snack
Good shoes for walking and standing
Several layers for all weather clothing
Painting smock or apron
White or straw hat
Raincoat just in case
Umbrella to shade from the sun and rain

Most importantly if you are a slow painter, a flask of coffee or tea or a good friend that will keep you supplied with expresso.