Wednesday, 24 June 2015


CRIMSON CIRCLE by Sea Dean 30" x15" Deep Gallery Wrap
I've been studying my work and the art market for a while now. I've checked out many POD (print on demand) sites, auction websites and gallery platforms. I've even posted work with many platforms to check the results. I have participated in many discussion with members of my Facebook group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE around what works and what doesn't in the world of internet promotion. This is the hottest topic in the group outside of pricing.

My main platform for internet sales is DAILY PAINTWORKS (DPW). The platform certainly has it's place both in the market and in my art business. I like the company because it is family run and therefore quick to respond. I've made many suggestions over the years which are now being used.

DPW is certainly a good place for emerging artists to show their work. It is especially good for small works up to 100 sq in and for hobby artists that have other means of support. Some of the systems and links are handy, like connecting to Ebay, your own website, your email, Facebook, Pinterest etc. However, in my opinion, the downside is that DPW was founded as an auction platform, which attracts bargain hunters, not necessarily prime investors. I will continue to use DPW for my smaller, more traditional work, especially ACEO, Mini and Miniature Masterpieces, however, my exhibition work and large pieces need a new platform.

With over 200 recent sales under my belt, a growing business in commissions and several regular patrons, I'm feeling a need to stretch my wings. I've been looking for an online venue to rub shoulders with professional artists that will inspire me to greater things.

About a year ago I discovered ARTFINDER, a UK based gallery platform and I've been watching it develop with interest. They have excellent marketing and customer service and seem to understand the needs of both the artist and the patron. The site is user friendly, attractive and the independent artist members are producing and selling amazing work with an acceptable price range.

Unlike DPW, setting up a gallery with Artfinder involves an application process which keeps the standard high. Partly because of the selection criteria, Artfinder permits their artists to sell limited editions of up to 250, alongside their originals. Unlimited prints are not allowed, which again keeps the standard high. DPW prohibits prints or editions, which I believe has limited my income substantially. Even the fastest artist finds it challenging to create more than 250 original works a year and when they are being sold at minimal prices, it barely pays for supplies. What I object to most, is being channeled into producing small art in order to earn a living. Along with my many proficient peers, I have essentially been selling original work at print prices but without the advantage of machinery.

With sales of original art soft, due to the economy, the opportunity to sell limited editions of my most popular works, should give a more consistent income. I'm also guessing that the ability to offer prints at lower prices, will increase interest among young collectors that may purchase originals given time.

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Soooooooo ..... here is the much awaited announcement. Fanfare please! I applied for and was accepted into the Artfinder membership and I'm excited about this new venture.

I'm taking it slowly. After spending most of the day familiarizing myself with the website, I now have some items loaded and my shop set up. As always. it could probably do with some tweaks, so don't hesitate to let me know if something doesn't seem right. I would also appreciate some encouragement if you would go to the website and click on the FOLLOW button, or FAVOURITE some of my paintings.

To view my shop click here, or the black button. At the top, you can FOLLOW my posts so that when you're on the site my latest work will appear with your other favourites. By clicking on ARTWORKS, you can view everything I have loaded and FAVOURITE certain pieces by clicking on the HEART symbol on the description.

In the future, if you're looking for my larger works over 100 sq in, my collages, abstracts or limited editions, they can be found in my Artfinder shop.