Tuesday, 23 June 2015

REVIEW - Vistaprint Pro Advantage - PAYING IT FORWARD


I don't do a lot of printing, but when I need business cards, banners or handouts, I use Vistaprint online. You have to hand it to this organization, which seems to be all over the world and is very consistent. I have been quite impressed by both their service and their product. I also like that I have control over the layout and design using their program, or I can upload something I have created on my system and it's ready to go.

I think partly because their head office is in the Netherlands, my only complaint is that some of their sizing is different from the North American standard. However, they are getting better at that, because you can now order 6" x 4" postcards, rather than their rather odd sized "standard".

Recently I was on their site and discovered that they have a service called Pro-Advantage which is free to join and offers various perks for your business. One of the perks is something I've been needing for a while, a sample pack. I have spent hours trying to decide between different finishes, so this is an opportunity to get a small cross section of what is on offer without involving minimum amounts.

I received my pack the other day, nicely packaged in a plastic envelope and slotted into a rather naff heavy duty folder. This easily fits into a file drawer or stands between art books on the shelf and is a handy reference for future orders. Inside the pack was an "extra" one time 10% discount which can be used on top of regular sales. Yay!

I would certainly recommend checking out the perks of Pro-Advantage which include special deals and extras. Sign up and order your free samples now, because Vistaprint do have an annoying habit of changing freebies quite quickly.

STANDARD Vista Postcard - 4.2" x 5.5" - GAIA ENERGY by Sea Dean

If you love my work and/or my blog, but don't have the budget to order an original, I have an easy to purchase selection of limited ACEO prints, postcards, art cards, fridge magnets etc. on my website.

As art is my sole income, website sales help me set aside time for free blog mini lessons, volunteering and moderating my open FB group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE. Therefore even the smallest purchase is appreciated by many. Paying it forward.

SMALL Vista Postcard - 4" x 6" - DESIGNER NEST by Sea Dean

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