Saturday, 20 June 2015


NEW LIFE by Sea Dean- 15" x 10"
COZY PENTHOUSE by Sea Dean - 6" x 4"
by Sea Dean
15" x 10" on Canvas
Linen, Bronze and Gold Frame

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This painting sold to a favourite patron who saw an OSWOA (original small work of art) in a show and wanted a larger version. She had just discovered a Robin's nest in a bush near her home and the birds were hatched, so having missed the egg stage, an empty nest was perfect for her.

It seems like it should be easy to copy your own painting, but there are always challenges with commissions. You never really know which part of the painting inspired the patron, or exactly what they like, so duplication must be quite accurate in colour and composition.

First I went back to my original inspiration photo, which prompted me to add more lower structure to the nest. I then studied the original painting so I could feel the mood observe the changes I had introduced to add interest. In this painting, the juxtabposition of complimentary colours was very important, and the dark limbs of the tree created the structure, all pointing towards the nest as center of focus.

The substrate made quite a difference to the texture of the painting because the original was on Strathmore Windpower, a thick, smooth, water colour paper and the commission was on gessoed canvas. The former gives a softer effect and the latter, greater texture.

The original painting, COZY PENTHOUSE, (smaller image) was matted and framed, so I gave the client the option of either choice. I had a rather nice bronze and linen frame on hand and she quite rightly selected it. Somehow a professional frame adds presence to a natural painting like this and honours the ingenuity and focus of the little bird that built it.

It's easy to commission a painting, but I do like to ask for at least a month lead time if it is for a special occasion, so I don't feel I have to rush. I paint from your own images or, if you prefer, I schedule a session and work from my photos.

I like natural subjects ... your favourite ocean or landscape view, a portrait of your pet or a new graduate, but I'm also available for home owners and designers to create large and unique works of art to co-ordinate with the decor. Commissions range from 60 cents to 90 cents per square inch depending on size and out of pocket expense.

The best way to contact me is through the Daily Paintworks email link. All you have to do is click.