Saturday, 6 June 2015


SPRING REFLECTIONS by Sea Dean - Commission for G Parker

Custom Commissions or Bespoke Paintings are always exciting and highly challenging. Many artists don't accept commissions because they take many times longer than a regular painting and can be very stressful, especially if they involve a human or pet portraits.

On the other hand, I enjoy commissions. I usually paint from a client's photo, so I can communicate over the internet and then ship anywhere in the world. If local and the client doesn't have a suitable photo, I conduct a photo session. I've never painted a portrait from life, but I would love to now I have a comfortable studio. My commissions are available in any size from postcard 6" x 4" to giant. I can ship anywhere prepaid.

Below are some of my recent requests. I'm currently painting a commissioned larger version of a one of my nest paintings, which I will blog when finished.

It seems like a long way off, but if you are considering a commission for "off to college" or the holidays, I would suggest contacting me now so I can schedule you in. Commissions take focused and dedicated time; they can't be rushed. I hate to disappoint clients because they leave it to the last minute.

SUNSET AT MEPAL by Sea Dean - Commission for B Jones

MILES by Sea Dean - Commission for M Manderioli
PAWS by Sea Dean - Commission for Mr and Mrs J Vanden Bos

STANLEY by Sea Dean - Commission for P Carlson and Family
MISTY WALK ON LONG BEACH by Sea Dean - Commission for C H Dean
FAT CAT by Sea Dean - Commission for M Thwaites
NAPTIME by Sea Dean - Commission for S and T O'Rielly