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(June 27, 1913 — June 7, 1980) Artist

"I believe it was John Cage who once told me, ‘When you start working, everybody is in your studio—the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas—all are there. But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. Then, if you’re lucky, even you leave.’ " 

JOHN MILTON CAGE Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992)
A composer, music theorist, writer, and artist.

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I have to admit I'd never heard of either of these artists before I read this quote, but it so resonated with me, that I had to investigate. I like Philip Gustons early, non representational art, but I can't say his later work is my favourite. I really like John Cage though and I can see why the quote spoke to me.

I think it's important to embrace all kinds of art when you're an emerging artist because it helps you understand trends and study technique. These two artists were contemporaries and probably socialized together.

Being an artist is largely a solitary life and we all go through periods of self doubt, but I make a point of going to as many openings as I can, to stay in the loop. For me at least, what I see at the latest exhibitions confirms that "Art" encompasses a wide variety of ideas and my more radical work has a place in the scheme of things.

The traditional definition of "Fine Art" has been challenged like never before in the last 100 years. Although juries are starting to be more flexible, there are many that still consider "painting" means oil paint and only paint. The flexibility of the acrylic medium has done wonders for opening up artists to try new materials and who knows what other new media are lurking in the shadows.

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