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Edward Henry Potthast (June 10, 1857 – March 9, 1927) was an American Impressionist painter born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Happy Days, oil on panel, c. 1910–1920

Potthast earned a living as a lithographer until he was nearly 40, while he studied under many masters in France and the USA. In 1896, the purchase of one of his paintings by the Cincinnati Museum of Art, encouraged him to abandon lithography for fine art, although he still earned a living as a magazine illustrator.

By 1908 Potthast had established a studio in the Gainsborough Building in New York. Thereafter, he painted sun-saturated images of Central Park, New England landscapes and the Long Island beach scenes for which he is best remembered. His work hangs in many major museums in the United States.

A July Day, oil, 1914.
His early paintings exhibited the subdued colors and strong contrasts of the Munich school until he adopted the Impressionist palette later in life.

Potthast certainly was a master of sunlight and reflection. His crowded beach scenes, are reminiscent of Eugene Boudin, but a generation later. They exhibit strong compositions enhanced with tonal values.

The key to Potthasts sunlight effect was the judicious use of Naples Yellow, Deep Cadmium Yellow and bright white. If you take your thumb and cover over these bright spots, the remainder of his work is fairly dark which is how he heightened the effect of the brights. He was also skillful in the use of complimentary colours.

When celebrating a Famous Master's Birthday I always like to choose something from my own work which fits the theme.

by Sea Dean
7 x 5" Canvas Panel 

My beach paintings are more subdued than Potthast but depict a modern version of the beach.

If I was to paint DESTINY again, I would use more cool blue in the lake and more Naples and Cadmium on her costume and flesh. That's what I love about studying the masters. Pay attention and you will gain knowledge.
by Sea Dean
4" x 6" Windpower
Framed in White

BEACH TOWN comes with the white frame shown which makes it perfect for a beach cottage, or just someone that dreams of having one.

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