Sunday, 23 August 2015


I rise quite early in the summer to get the most out of the morning before the heat arrives. These days there is a definite snap in the air and the hint of what we hope is a mild winter to come.

These are the dog days of summer and my SUMMER BOY will soon put his swimmers away and his holiday romance will become a memory tucked away in his suitcase at the bottom of the closet. At the moment it is raw and fresh and he is so engrossed in his cyber flirting that he is missing the view. I want to give him a thwack, relieve him of his toy and say "take time to enjoy this place for soon it will be gone".

7" x 5" Canvas Panel

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At this time of year tourism is at it's height, the bush is dry and smouldering camp fires are a major hazzard. Today I was woken by the smell of smoke and I took a tour around the building to make sure it wasn't inside. No, it was out in the valley and as dawn broke I could see deep dense smoke everywhere.

It's times like this that I long for the arrival of fall and winter when visitors drift away and our beautiful vistas are safely wrapped in snow.