Friday, 4 September 2015


CROSSING OVER with light - approx 24" x 15" x15" Mixed Media
Sculpture isn't popular in North America, but it's my passion, so I submitted a proposal for CROSSING OVER, to the Central Okanagan Hospice Association Expressions of Death Exhibition. The proposal was accepted, enabling me to indulge myself. This is todays submission for the 30 in 30 challenge; not a painting, I know, but I did paint the stand.

This sculpture can be viewed with or without the tiny included lights, which make it practical as well as attractive.  One of the challenges with sculpture is how to allow buyers to view a piece over the internet. I like to photograph my sculptures from eight eye level angles as well as below and above, so I took 9 images lit and 9 images unlit - 18+ images and a video which I will load when I have edited it. This proved a particularly good sculpture for closeups and I think several of these images could be works of art in themselves.

The opening was very busy with more than 50 people crammed into the small exhibition space at the Alternator Gallery. With the cramped conditions I was worried that people would knock my sculpture over or back into it, but all is well. Below is my statement about the work.

" Life is part known and part unknown. Fearing the unknown is natural. But consider times where scary, blossomed into a wonderful thing. Starting school or becoming a parent, are a couple of instances. Sometimes it is not facts that need to change, but your thoughts around them. This whirlwind represents the emotional upheaval created by the words DEATH and DYING. Everything is picked up and thrown around without permission. But, look carefully and there will be glimpses of surprise and delight."

$195 plus shipping

Crossing Over is available after 22nd September. Contact me to reserve. It comes with battery operated super mini LED lights, but I can also rewire it for plug in LED lights if you prefer.

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