Sunday, 13 September 2015


12" x 12" on metal panel

The square for the painting above is part of the lilac hill in the background of the mural below and you had to look hard to find anything other than dull lilac. The paint we were issued was matte, thick, dried out and difficult to paint with so there was not a lot of opportunity for painting detail. The panels will be coated before hanging, so it will have a gloss look when installed on the building.

This painting is not for sale because it will be installed as part of the mural project, but I'm contemplating making prints or a postcard for the gallery store, so If you would like one let me know. You could also commission a similar work in any size.


Another creative Lake Country project in the vibrant art community of Lake Country, B.C., Canada. The 10th anniversary of the inception of Lake Country is May 2nd and to celebrate we are creating a collaborative mural. The mural will appear on the side of the Memorial Hall which is next to the Municipal Building on May 2nd of this year.

A painting which depicts one of the many lakes in the area, was submitted to the municipality as a pattern for the mural. The painting was divided into squares and each artist was assigned one with a 12" x 12" metal square to paint on. The artist can paint anything on the square as long as the colour matches their swatch.

Finished Mural (can you spot this painting?)
Original Inspiration Painting

Day 14 - 30 paintings in 30 days - Posted as # on Leslie Saetas Blog

REF Abstract Landscape 15045