Sunday, 27 September 2015

RED MOON RISING - Recent Sales

Today I did a full day at the Heritage Show, packed up everything and unpacked when I got home. I was just about to make a nice cuppa when I checked the time of the eclipse. The report I read said the eclipse would happen close to the horizon and as we are surrounded by mountains we needed to get to a high point. I had only 5 minutes to make it up a local mountain.

We were lucky with the weather, although as the moon rose over the horizon it was a bit murky. At first it was difficult to see if we had arrived at the apogee of the eclipse, but I think we were just in time. It was chilly and looking through the tinted windscreen it was difficult to see the red colour, but the camera image picked it up when I opened the window a crack to shoot. (Sorry, I can't find my USB so can't show my images tonight).

As the moon rose the white smile began to widen and eventually half of the full moon was bright white. I drove home and discovered that the moon was really easy to see from our balcony. A sad case of believing what I read on the internet was accurate!

At the show I was working on a very large mountain scene, but it's not finished, so I'll save that for another time. I will paint the 28th painting tomorrow and post it along with the 29th.

In the meantime I will show my sales so far at ART FOR VETS. Say goodbye to Randy Raccoon, Rob Robin and Poppy Cat. Tammy Tamarin wiggled in the collage but she is still for sale.