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Born 13 October 1867 at Fontenay-aux-Roses, France

He initially studied law, but in 1888 enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Academie with Julian with Maurice Denis, Paul Serusier, Paul Ranson and Edouard Vuillard. A member of the Nabis and influenced by Gaugin and later Monet.

1912 lived in Vernon near Giverny, France
1925 lived in Le Cannet near Cannes, France
23 January 1947 Died in Le Cannet, France
THE WINDOW by Pierre Bonnard 1925
When I think of the name Bonnard I instantly think of his nudes. However, his body of work seems cover a cross section of subjects from figure to landscape, to still life and beyond. He also played with colour. The painting above seems largely influenced by the colours of Monet, but his palettes are many and varied. Click through to the slide show to see how varied his work could be.

Overall, I would say Bonnard was an artist that liked to experiment, being excited by all the new ideas that surrounded him. His use of colour was largely impressionistic, as was his brushwork, but there is something beyond that. He tests perspective and form, showing flashes of Matisse and Gaugin in his figures. The painting above would be a very nice take on a landscape, but then he has added a rather primitive figure looking over the balcony which makes one question if this is a work by a great painter, or by a novice. Closer examination of the composition shows it's mastery.

by Sea Dean
8" x 6"

Thinking of my work this painting comes to mind, with the simply painted tourist making her way through streets heavy on perspective.

I love revisiting my paintings from a few seasons ago. Sometimes I have dismissed them because they are not in my regular genre, but that doesn't mean they are inferior.

In this painting I enjoy the warm colours which remind me of times I've played tourist in strange cities off the beaten track. I like the story this painting tells, shutters closed against the strong afternoon sun and the flower boxes eking out a tiny bit of territory in the big city And what is around that corner in the background, a busy shopping district, a fabulous cathedral, or a city park? Where is the traveler heading? Is she lost or taking a short cut? Is it you or a friend? You have the power to write that story.

Thanks to Leslie Saeta for providing the original photo for the painting.