Saturday, 28 November 2015

BLOWING IN THE WIND - A simple storage solution

BLOWING IN THE WIND in polar white 8" x 10" mat
Isn't she sweet? A little girl with a dandelion clock. When I was a child I remember many happy hours watching the seeds float away on the wind.


Artists always seem to have a challenge with storing their inventory. The usual solution is to slide it under the bed, but that space only holds a certain amount. Paintings and frames can get damaged easily if they aren't stored properly and it is often hard to find a particular piece. I've tried many solutions for tracking and storage, but this time I think I've hit on the best solution.

For the last month I've been busy mounting each of my small paintings in mats or on archival board. Each mat has a backing board and to this I have attached a short bio with my image. These are then placed in a close fitting clear archival bag and it is taped shut. Now the painting is protected and easy to view or mount. I love my new 8" x 10" mat packs because they are so practical.

I store my packaged paintings in banker boxes; the ones with the separate lids are strongest and easy to stack and store. When I need to restock a gallery, display my work for a client, organize a show or submission, it is all very simple. I store each size in a different box so they are easy to locate. The paintings can be flipped through quickly and I don't have to hunt through piles of work or worry about keeping them in numerical order because they are easy to see through the bag.

So the painting above is ready to ship. All I have to do is place some corrugated cardboard front and back and slip it into an envelope. Eh voila! Again it is easy to pop into exhibition frames, then remove and repackage after the show.

I'm in the process of designing a system for my larger paintings and I will blog about that at a later date. In the meantime you may purchase BLOWING IN THE WIND with the link below. The button will take you to my gallery page with more detail and submit payment section.