Sunday, 29 November 2015


The Tower of Katoubia Mosque by Winston Churchill - a gift to President Rooseveldt
30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965

Winston Churchill was much more than a famous statesman, he loved travel, especially with his extended family, and he loved to paint. His chosen medium was oil and some of his work is quite spectacular. His favourite locations were Morocco and the South of France as can be seen from the two paintings I have chosen.

It's very interesting to see the difference in the treatment of light between these two paintings. The south of France and Morocco are across the Mediterranean from each other, but the atmospheric conditions are so different that they shatter similar sunlight in different ways. The desert conditions create crisper and more colourful shadows, while the dramatic tree shadows in the second painting, although darker, are more grey. The clouds also give an idea of the weather with the French clouds being softer and the Moroccan ones sparse and outlined against the bluer sky.

Click here for a wonderful article on Winston Churchills love of painting.

A Distant View of a Town in the South of France by Winston Churchill


My painting of a vineyard near where I live, shows similar colour to those chosen by Winston Churchill for the south of France. Our climate however, is probably closer to that of Morocco and unless the land is irrigated our hills are covered in dry grassland and conifer trees as seen on the distant hill. Luckily we have plenty of water in our large local lakes, so irrigation is relatively simple.

This painting is on exhibit at the Lake Country Art Gallery Under 100 Exhibition. However, if you love it, contact me; I will check availability with the gallery and send it to you for $100 plus shipping. The public gallery needs all the support they can get, so I honour their commission if sold before the end of the show.